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One of the main reasons I make drawing tutorials and painting demonstrations now is that students can focus on studying one drawing concept at a time. Step-by-step tutorials allow artists to see how to draw or paint a single subject from start to finish. Every step-by-step demonstration includes the art supplies list and images to complete the exercise.

  • The demonstration comes as a digital pdf file that you can save to your computer to work from at any time! A few demonstrations have a video component that’s available for download separately.
  • I hope my demonstrations help you create better art. Feel free to share your progress on my Facebook business page!

Have fun drawing, guys!

“A committed artist, author, and teacher, Veronica Winters’s illuminated artwork and attention to detail pushes her to create realistic images that breath life into everyday objects. We are honored to present lessons by Veronica in the quarterly publication of COLORED PENCIL Student” — Sally Ford, Founder & Editor, COLORED PENCIL Magazine

Join the art student club to receive a free demonstration! Click here:
Join the art student club to receive a free demonstration! Click here:


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