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As Russian-American artist, I combine different influences in the creation of my surreal paintings of women. While my colored pencil drawings serve the purpose of studying the light and testing out the ideas visually, my original oil paintings become a permanent statement of emotions and thoughts. I work on symbolism and color harmony to create wall art that uplifts and inspires through the visual experience of a female form. I focus on painting women and the female role models to open up an honest conversation with ourselves and each other. I wish to inspire women to discover, pursue, and enjoy their calling in life, by breaking through the self-limiting beliefs that often hold us back. Personally, I broke through many physical and mental obstacles as an artist, where passion and determination kept me going. I feel like I have a lot to say today, and my fervor for justice, honesty and integrity will be manifesting itself in my artwork through my paintings of the iconic women and beyond. My oil paintings’re becoming a commentary what it feels like to be a woman today.

To read more about my work, visit my Paintings of  Iconic Women gallery. I’d be sharing new oil paintings of women and my thoughts behind each piece. I’m inviting you to subscribe to my monthly e-mail notes where I share my artwork with thoughtful people.

Listening to the voice within, 26×34″ oil on canvas. Available. Model: lovely Kat Kurgis.


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