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This video explains the process of painting a portrait.

This video one of my most popular art instruction videos that shows my indirect method of painting.



If you are interested in still life painting, I’ve produced a step-by-step art instruction video available for download from my store (links below). You can buy & download a digital file and a video of this painting demonstration here.


This video explains how to stretch canvases on your own. Main advantage to hand-stretching  is the quality control of your materials. You can also stretch a canvas of any size, not just paint on standard-size canvases.

This video explains the difference between direct and indirect method of painting.



If you are interested to learn how to draw glass in colored pencil, the video is available for download here. And its step by step demo is available as a digital file here.

Join the art student club to receive a free demonstration! Click here: http://eepurl.com/bIJlGf
Join the art student club to receive a free demonstration! Click here: http://eepurl.com/bIJlGf



How to paint realistic portraits with oil paint

In this video you’ll see my 5-step process painting a female portrait. I find the female form to be the most beautiful and compelling to paint. Although portrait painting is super challenging for me (I used to paint the stick figures). In my opinion, portrait painting has the potential for high emotional impact in comparison to still life painting.

This surreal artwork is the manifestation of self-acceptance. The theme of self-nurturing is symbolized by a woman’s gentle hand holding the white orchids. Like taking care of flowers, nurturing becomes vital for inner growth.

I use high-quality materials to complete every artwork. I paint several pieces a year because every artwork becomes a long process of planning and painting. What you see in a 20-min. video is a compression of weeks of work.