The Venetian series

oil painting of lovers in Venice

The mystery of Venice has captivated my soul for years. No matter how many days I spent roaming around the city, I couldn’t get enough of its beauty, history and culture. This is the place of romance, art, architecture and love for me. I could listen to its sounds day and night, glide through the morning fog, walk through the twisting streets, and photograph the carnival figures from the bridge.

Back in the studio, I worked from my photographs, recreating the mystery of this place captured in the masked figures. These surreal paintings of carnival represent my first body of work I’m proud of.

These oil paintings are available for purchase directly from me or via EmillionsArt.


36×48” $7-8,000

24×36” $5,000

18×24″ $2,500

16×20” $2,000

11×14” $1,500

8×10” $1,000. Custom sizes are also available.

*Price includes framing.

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