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Venetian Masks Paintings

Close your eyes to see the winding streets and the tangerine glare of old lamps. Listen to the echo of moving water and voices of strangers. Venice welcomes you to the carnival – its love, mystery and flare. Indulge your love for Venice. Browse original oil paintings of Venice for sale.

Venice has captivated my soul for years. No matter how many days I spent roaming the city, I couldn’t get enough of its beauty, history and culture. This is the place of romance, art, architecture, and love for me. I can listen to its sounds day and night, glide through morning fog, get lost on the narrow streets, and take pictures of masked strangers. Back in my studio, I worked from my photographs to re-create the romantic mystery of Venice in a series of realistic paintings. These Venetian masks paintings represent my first, quality body of work I’m proud to share with you today.

These Venice carnival paintings will wow your guests. Turn your living room, bedroom or office space into your private art gallery. Shop now!
Veronica at Marco Square, Venice, Italy


Original oil paintings of Venice for sale | Venice carnival paintings by Veronica Winters | Venetian masks paintings | Venice oil paintings | realistic paintings
Promises, 18×24″ oil on gilded panel, Venice oil paintings


Original oil paintings of Venice for sale | Venice carnival paintings by Veronica Winters | Venetian masks paintings | Venice oil paintings | realistic paintings
Creatures of the Sea, 24×48″ oil on canvas | Tenderness, oil on canvas, 24×36″ | Venice carnival paintings


Original oil paintings of Venice for sale | Venice carnival paintings by Veronica Winters | Venetian masks paintings | Venice oil paintings | realistic paintings
Keeper, oil on canvas, 36×48″, black wooden frame | Venetian masks paintings

Watch a short video about the surreal paintings inspired by Venice:


To experience art in person:

These oil paintings are available for purchase directly from me or via EmillionsArt. Call to schedule an appointment to see these artworks in person! 814-777-1802


36×48” $7-8,000

24×36” $5,000

18×24″ $2,500

16×20” $2,000

11×14” $1,500

8×10” $1,000

*Price includes framing.

To read about the history of Venice & to look at the pictures, you can buy a digital art book here.

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Cleopatra iconic women painting

Portraits of iconic women throughout history



I always wanted to paint something meaningful and worth people’s attention. I’ve painted numerous different things to become proficient enough to pursue what I always wanted – helping women succeed. The theme of Iconic Women fascinates me because I can depict many sides of female beauty and inner strength. I’ve chosen to paint strong iconic women who had courage, logic, determination, goal-setting, and other character traits that are often attributed to men. These women overcame their social-economic limitations to become famous personalities who lived with purpose and changed the world around them.

In my surreal paintings of women I explore the inner life of these icons. What they created and exposed to the outside world wasn’t always the reflection of their interior life. I make an attempt to humanize them by painting their emotions and challenges: love, failure, addiction, responsibilities and dreams. So we can see the spectrum of character and understand that those iconic women throughout history were also guided by their emotions as much as by their reason, and were also complex personalities as any of us.

Exploring vulnerability of feminine spirit, I take the liberty to interpret the days of their lives based on their biographies processed through observations and artistic sensitivity. I explore the themes of love and delusion, power and powerlessness, spirituality and vanity, abandonment and strength. I aim to give the iconic women new life where contemporary women can identify or recognize a part of themselves, and connect with a famous woman on a much deeper level.

My painting style floats between the surreal painting and magical realism painting. It’s painting reality that turns surreal that can be compared to writing a fiction novel with the main characters derived from the author’s personal experiences and observations.

My artistic mission is to paint the female heroes to inspire women to find their calling in life. I want to open up a dialogue, to create a visual experience of seeing the female icons in a different light, where women could find answers to their questions, to be able to apply themselves, to define their dreams and to work on their future with certainty. In other words, through my oil paintings I invite others to find their female hero to achieve personal fulfillment.

Art is personal. If I had the opportunities, moral support, and a professional artist/mentor back in high school, my life could have been very different from what I had.  While I have no regrets, I simply know how crucial these years are for personal development, choosing the right path to achieve success in the future, to cut on years spent searching for a hidden voice within. Therefore I choose to paint women who made history, real women who overcame their struggles to achieve success in life.

Watch how I’ve created the Marie Antoinette oil painting

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5 great art supplies to use in your drawing & painting

The following products are great tools for artists to use in their drawing and painting process. These art supplies make a big difference in my drawing and painting process due to their high quality and great features.

1. The color shaper set

These are great tools for oil painting, pastel painting and even colored pencil work (if you work on the Icarus board to blend wax-based pencils). When I paint, they help me clean the sloppy edges up. They also take the extra paint off the area I put in by accident. Moreover I can “carve into” the freshly applied paint to make a specific pattern. Made of silicone, the paint comes off their tips easily and doesn’t need washing. Just wipe the color shaper off with a paper towel.
Besides moving the paint around, removing or carving into it, the color shapers are great to blend the oil pastels or wax-based colored pencils (Prismacolor Premier) while heated, using the Icarus Art board. The color shaper set has several tips that you can buy separately or as a complete set. I find that I mainly use the taper point (round tip) size #2.

Buy at: http://www.jerrysartarama.com/discount-art-supplies/brushes-and-palette-knives/colour-shapers/colour-shaper-sets.htm


2. Gloves in a bottle

This is a truly unique product that I love! I especially use it when I paint since the lotion provides relief from a very dry skin, making a protective layer between the skin and the chemicals. A modest amount of lotion works like gloves I don’t use while painting. Its unique formula bonds with the upper layer of my skin and creates the invisible protection from harmful chemicals. It’s waterproof and doesn’t wash off, rather it comes off naturally shredding the dead skin cells. The bottle comes in two sizes. Give it a try!


3. Luminance colored pencils

Swiss-made, Luminance colored pencils is the Cadillac of the professional colored pencils. All colors have supreme lightfastness rating. They’re very durable with the soft core. The price tag is near $4 per pencil! So, guys, I’ve learned to create colorful pieces with very few colored pencils.

You can buy them in a set or separately. http://www.jerrysartarama.com/discount-art-supplies/colored-pencils/caran-dache-colored-pencils-and-sets/caran-dache-luminance-6901-lightfast-pencils.htm and in sets http://www.jerrysartarama.com/discount-art-supplies/colored-pencils/caran-dache-colored-pencils-and-sets/caran-dache-luminance-6901-lightfast-pencil-sets.htm

4. Panels for oil and acrylic painting

These are durable, archival and acid-free surfaces that are great for painting. Remember, paintings of the old masters have survived through the centuries because they were painted on panels, not canvases. If you paint professionally and want your art to last, paint on panels.

The cradled gessobords provide much greater support against humidity, so the panels warp the least. Toned, neutral gray surface of Richeson panels is great to begin painting without any additional preliminary work needed.

5. The Grumbacher final fixative for drawings and scratchboard art

This is a truly great product that’s very different from cheaper brands. It makes a very nice, even sheen, eliminating the surface’s unevenness, finger prints, and other imperfections in scratchboard. Colors look nice and bright. It works great on paper too.

Like other sprays, the final fixative protects your artwork from the UV-rays, moisture, smudges, and humidity. Spray it in a well-ventilated area or outside.


*A disclaimer: no product was given to me by the companies mentioned here in exchange for my review.

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