Realist oil painting techniques: vase & starfish, video


This is a video tutorial that complements the 13 step oil painting demonstration. It gives you insight how to use the indirect method of painting where you develop accurate drawing, black-and-white underpainting, and painting in full color. You’ll understand how to construct your artwork using the light and objects’ relationships to convey realism.

What you’ll see in the step-by-step demonstration:

  • Oil painting art supplies
  • Oil painting tips, tools & techniques
  • What to look for in your still life/photo to create balanced composition.
  • How to make good drawing to transfer it onto canvas or panel.
  • How to create realistic underpainting
  • How to layer colors using the opaque painting method and the glazing techniques
  • This step by step demonstration also has a vocabulary page with the basic terms used in the tutorial.
  • This step by step video painting tutorial is available as a digital download only. It’s compressed into an mp4 file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive a prompt to download the file via e-mail within a day.
  • A digital step by step guide complementing this video is sold separately.
  • The link to a video file should arrive immediately after your purchase. If you don’t receive it or have any other questions, just drop me a line
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Additional information

Digital download

The book is compressed into a pdf file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive the digital book via e-mail within one day.


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