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A Photographic Guide to Venice: Her Places, History, and Culture, digital travel book


“A Photographic Guide to Venice: Her Places, History, and Culture” is a 150-page travel and art guide book filled with over 230 captivating photographs. In a concise and fascinating way the guide explores the history of the Venetian region, its architectural evolution, Venetian artists and art, and some Italian cultural habits. It includes extensive information on means of transportation to and from Venice, describing places, names, services, and special cards to buy.

It’s a concise and handy guide that not only includes information on “what to do and what to see” in the city but also offers some practical insight into the value of visiting certain sights, to spare tourists from possible confusion when ordering food or visiting the attractions. The book is divided into chapters with each section devoted to a particular district of Venice. The guide also supplies travelers with information on visiting other small and charming towns closely situated to Venice.

The book features many beautiful photographs that readers will find enjoyable to examine. Some pictures have added historic weight to them with the notes on places and buildings mentioned in the book. This volume offers a chance to experience the splendor and inspiration for the soul. Like Rick Steves, the author and artist-Veronica Winters wrote this book with passion and love for Italy based on her actual traveling experiences to Venice and its region.


  • More than Photographs
  • History
  • The Architectural Evolution
  • Getting There
  • Major Attractions & Sights
  • The Carnival
  • Daily Trips Around Venice
  • Italian Culture


  • A Photographic Guide to Venice makes a great gift to people who love to travel and discover new places and countries. The travel book offers practical tips and advice.
  • 148 pages · 8″ x 10″ · Full color. You can either buy a soft cover book or a digital download.
  • The digital book is compressed into a pdf file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive the digital book via e-mail within a day. Main advantage of buying a digital book as opposed to a Kindle edition is that you can see large, color images on your computer screen.

Here are some of the photographs included in the travel book:

In the days of carnival…
One of the dolls found in a shop selling masks in Venice.


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 2 x 11 in
Digital download

The book is compressed into a pdf file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive the digital book via e-mail within one day.


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