We all know who Marilyn Monroe is. Sex symbol of the 1950s, the actress who coined the term of a “dumb blonde,” playing silly women. We got used to the pictures of her smiling face and beautiful platinum blond hair. Glamour aside, I always wished to know her as a person. She reinvented herself completely by changing her name, looks and goals.

I believe her inner life was as complex as a roaring ocean. The ocean filled with anxiety and sadness. Marilyn didn’t know her father. She was abandoned by a schizophrenic mother, living in foster homes much of her childhood. To avoid getting to yet another “home” she quickly married a man down the street to claim her freedom at the age of 16. She began a career in modeling and made a decision to persevere as an actress in Hollywood. Marilyn went through a complete image transformation to become this sexual symbol everyone wanted around her, yet she remained the abandoned child no one really cared for on the inside…

In this surreal painting I take the “outside” beauty of Marilyn to paint her inner life. Filled with water, her cage of emotions has a single boat riding in the waves. If you look up close in the sand under the crashing wave, you’ll see three blurred figures holding hands. It’s the family ┬áthe actress always missed not having.

Painting specifications:

  • 16×20 inches
  • original oil painting on archival board
  • painted with the lightfast oil paints, varnished
  • price includes framing shown in the pictures
  • a certificate of authenticity guarantees the provenance

Delivery time & shipping:

  • The artwork ships within a week after receiving payment in full.
  • International shipping is available to some countries. To receive a quote e-mail to

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Painting the role models to inspire women to discover, pursue & enjoy their calling in life

Bring home Marilyn by Veronica Winters, an original oil painting

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 19 x 2 in


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