Listening to the voice within



This oil painting symbolizes self-acceptance, and the importance of trusting yourself to achieve success. Listening to the voice within sets you free to believe that achieving the impossible is possible.

The original portrait painting is designed around colors seen in Naples, FL. Gentle pink hues rise above the ocean at sunset while transparent turquoise water sparkles in the afternoon. A combination of these colors placed in the background of the painting supports and complements the female figure, holding the seashell. The color of the sand is found in her hair, sea shell and shirt. Soft pinks define the model’s cheeks and hands only to ¬†proclaim unity of hues in this piece. The artwork enriches you and your space, celebrating the female strength and beauty.

This artwork is painted with high-quality materials on handmade canvas to ensure the lasting quality.

Painting specifications:

  • 26×36 inches
  • original oil painting on handmade canvas
  • painted with the lightfast oil paints & varnished
  • price excludes framing
  • a certificate of authenticity guarantees the provenance

Delivery time & shipping:

  • The artwork ships within a week after receiving payment in full. If it requires framing, please allow for an additional two-week process.
  • International shipping is available to some countries. To receive a quote e-mail to


Beautiful is Art. Empowering women by painting their most beautiful side.

Bring home the artwork by Veronica Winters, an original oil painting

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 19 x 2 in