Galaxy Traveler



 Close your eyes and imagine taking a gondola ride down the Grand canal in Venice. See yourself walking down the narrow streets and taking a coffee break in a cozy cafe. Admire the handcrafted masks and costumes in a nearby craft shop. Venice welcomes you to the carnival – its love, mystery and flare.

Galaxy Traveler is the original oil painting based on the Venetian carnival’ costume, and the artist’s trips to Venice. Let your heart beat looking at this magical painting. Let its soothing blues captivate your soul. Feel the magic of Venice and the infinite might of the galaxy. This big, beautiful painting could be a center piece in your living room. Only one artwork is available.

galaxy traveler by veronica winters
Galaxy Traveler, 36×48″ oil on canvas


Buy art direct from the artist. With a wealth of experience and education, Russian-American artist provides you with quality art and service you deserve. Contact Veronica with any questions you may have or schedule a phone consult at .

The artist offers:

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Painting specifications:

  • 36×48 inches canvas size (doesn’t include the frame)
  • original oil painting on canvas
  • varnished
  • Real wood, thick golden frame matches the artwork’s style.
  • a certificate of authenticity guarantees the provenance

Delivery time & shipping:

  • The artwork ships within a week after receiving payment in full. If it requires framing, please allow for an additional two-week turnaround.
  • International shipping is available to some countries. To receive a quote e-mail to



Indulge your love for Venice.

Bring home the artwork by Veronica Winters

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 45 x 6 in

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