How to draw shiny & reflective objects: Christmas bows, drawing tutorial


If you don’t know where to start drawing shiny and reflective objects, look no further. This is a fairly easy demonstration that you can follow step by step. Because each bow is drawn one by one, you can pick and choose what color you’d like to do, and if you want to complete the entire drawing or just focus on drawing one piece.

This 20 step drawing tutorial teaches you how to approach drawing the shiny and reflective surfaces with accuracy needed to convey realism.

What you’ll see in the step-by-step demonstration:

  • How to shade on colored paper
  • How to pick the right colors for the job. The demonstration includes a color chart of the colors used, so you can match them with your colored pencils.
  • How to make good outlines to transfer them to the colored paper.
  • Tips on where to begin shading and how to eliminate the pencil strokes.
  • In this demonstration you’ll learn to draw on colored paper. While I worked on Canson paper for pastel drawing, I recently came across a better choice – Canson Colorline papers. They are vibrant and sell in large sheets that you can divide into various sizes for your drawings.

This demonstration is good for students who have some experience drawing in graphite and colored pencil, and want to advance their skill further. I suggest printing out an 8×10″ photo to work from and then follow the steps on the screen.

  • This step by step drawing tutorial is available as a digital download only. It’s compressed into a pdf file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive the digital demonstration via e-mail within a day.
  • If you have a question, shoot me an e-mail at
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Digital download

The book is compressed into a pdf file that you can save and open on your computer. You receive the digital book via e-mail within one day.


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