Art is Love



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The inspiration for this painting comes straight from the model. This girl is so sweet, there is not a hint of meanness to her soul.  I wish I could capture her innocence as much as she emanates it.❤️ 

One lovely evening we had a scheduled photo shoot by the Seagate beach in Naples, FL. Warm glow illuminated the model’s face to reveal  her beautiful nature. She had fun walking down the beach, feeling the warm wind and soothing waves. She became confident wearing the dress she loved and her poses looked natural  and creative. What a miracle that day became! I rushed back to my studio to process the pictures as fast as I could to see the photographed  beauty. Michelle held a found clam in her hands with innocent curiosity in the original photo I took by the beach. I replaced her finding with a white bird to communicate my idea of Art=Love for this painting.

Below you see the steps I took to develop the idea into a finished painting. The first image is a pencil sketch, while the rest of them show the painting’s progression from drawing to the final stroke of oil paint. This artwork has a gentle flow of subtle, warm browns and pinks with a touch of golden paint in the leaves, encircling the figure like yin and yang. After over a month of painting, I’m happy to share this work with you!

This original oil painting could become a center piece in your art collection.  Call/text to see the artwork in person. 814-777-1802. The golden/black real wood frame is complementary.



Painting specifications:

  • 27×33 inches canvas size (doesn’t include the frame)
  • original oil painting on handmade, high-quality canvas
  • painted with lightfast oil paints, varnished
  • price excludes framing. The shown frame is complementary.
  • a certificate of authenticity guarantees the provenance

Delivery time & shipping:

  • The artwork ships within a week after receiving payment in full. If it requires framing, please allow for an additional two-week turnaround.
  • International shipping is available to some countries. To receive a quote e-mail to


Transform your life. Feel beautiful with original, romantic paintings of women.

Bring home the artwork by Veronica Winters

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 35 x 4 in

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