Paintings of women

Contemporary painting of women

I love painting portraits of women!  Although I see human anatomy as the most challenging to master, I’m strongly pulled to this subject to depict the complexity of our spirit in romantic paintings. As artists we paint what’s inside us and paintings of women’s faces become a record of our lives. Creating romantic portraits of women,  I find the process to be incredibly healing where I aim to evoke a world of love and inner strength in every artwork I create. I paint with a mission to help girls and women understand themselves and to discover their inner passion. We often give up, find excuses, or settle for less because we don’t fully understand who we are. I hope to touch your life in a positive way with my romantic art.

I arrived at the theme of painting women after working on almost everything for over a decade. While the subject of a beautiful female form has been realist artists’ inspiration for centuries, I come to paint women with the inner sensitivity of a female artist, expressing emotion through color. Color is a lot more than a concoction of bright pigments squeezed out of a tube. It’s been years of practice and learning to develop the color harmonies that excite my eye without being garish. I’m still actively learning the complexity of deliberate color mixing, dragging or glazing one color over the other, overlaying and letting one hue dominate and complement the rest. Controlling the color means letting one hue lead, to see colors in black or white, and to create the atmosphere that transcends painting. I paint in realist tradition with the color of the Impressionists to create myriads of paintings of women that are going to push the boundaries and capture your heart.


INSPADES magazine, issue sei, art feature.

I’m very grateful to the INSPADES art magazine that features and shares my art and mission. Issue sei.

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How to paint realistic portraits: painting videos

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