About the artist

I paint because I believe I can change the world. I paint because it keeps me alive. I create realist paintings of women to make us feel strong and beautiful.

I grew up in a communist country with happy people living all around me. I graduated from high school in a suburb of Moscow two years after the fall of the Soviet Union. I went to Business College to receive my first Bachelor’s degree while the country was ravaged by high inflation, loss of jobs, steeling of natural resources, and families’ break ups. The entire country fell into that surreal mode of survival with millions of struggling people pushing it through. During my studies I hit the jackpot, when I received a full-ride scholarship to study in the U.S. for half a year. I didn’t know what it would be like, but I grabbed my suitcase and went to America. Upon my arrival I encountered a totally different, prosperous lifestyle with abundant opportunities and resources, where anyone who worked hard could succeed in life. I saw lonely people. I saw prosperous people. I saw focused students. I saw so many individuals with goals and dreams…

As you can see my first attempts to smile were not great (top left). I did it better in the preschool and managed to smile at my high school graduation (bottom right). :)
As you can see my first attempts to smile were not that  great (top left). I did it better in preschool and managed to smile at my high school graduation (bottom right). 🙂

After my graduation in Moscow, I relocated to the U.S., feeling unsettled because a big part of you gets abandoned and can’t be replaced. I took a few art classes when my son was born, and that marked the very beginning of my development as an artist. I spent a decade jumping from class to class, college to college trying to find a professional who could teach me how to oil paint realistically. Looking back at years spent in the turmoil of responsibilities, mistakes and dreams, only now I understand that what I needed the most back then was a strong belief in myself and a mentor from whom I could learn and model a career path.

I graduated from the Oklahoma State University with my BFA in studio art in 2003.
I graduated from the Oklahoma State University with my B.F.A. in studio art in 2003.
This is my graduation from the Pennsylvania State University with the MFA degree in painting in 2005. Although it looks like the end of the education, it was just the very beginning of it.
Here I am with other grads and my family. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with the M.F.A. degree in painting in 2005. Although it looks like it could have been the end of my education, it was just the beginning. Over the next decade I studied sporadically by taking classes at the Grand Central Academy of Art and the Art Students League of New York.

Creating romantic portraits of women, I’ve formed a painting style that borders realism with magical painting. I find the painting process itself to be incredibly healing where I aim to evoke a world of love and inner strength in every artwork I create. I paint with the romance of a vanished world to record the intricate human experiences with a mission to help girls and women to know themselves and to discover their inner passion. We often give up, find excuses, or settle for less because we don’t fully understand who we are and thus can’t reach our potential.

And now you can find strength within yourself and experience beauty every day by ordering an original painting from me. Don’t settle for anything less than a permanent, soulful painting of the feminine spirit or the role model to feel empowered and inspired at heart today!

I paint from my pictures. After having a photo shoot, we discuss the best image to paint from. It takes 3-4 weeks to complete an oil painting, 2 weeks to draw a portrait in colored pencil. I can also paint from professional photos, if you live far away and can’t visit Naples. The cost is $2,500 for 18×24″ portrait. $2,000 for 16×20″ and $5,000 for 24×36″. Price includes real wood frames and all supplies.

To schedule  an appointment, call: 814-777-1802 or e-mail: nika@veronicasart.com

This is my studio in Naples, FL. It's a place where I live. :)
This is my studio in Naples, FL. It’s a place where I live. 🙂


In the following months I’d be sharing new oil paintings of women and my thoughts behind the creation of each piece. I’m inviting you to subscribe to my monthly e-mail notes where I share my artwork with thoughtful people like you! Click below to subscribe!

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My poems about art  

Like two distant planets we co-exist. Like two black gondolas we strive. Like morning and evening we live. Reason supports my body; emotions power my heart. We struggle and we attempt. We venture and we fail. We love and we suffer.

My emotions and mind co-exist. Like two distant planets they live. Like day and night they torture and nurture me. I’m filling my mind by day; I’m feeling my heart by night. Dear mind, leave me along. Dear heart, stop bothering me.

Like two black gondolas we strive. My art and I, we live. My art and I, we love. My art and I, we create. I suspend my emotions in painting. I leave my reason behind. I paint.

Do you hear the silence with me? Do you see how lonely I am? We venture and fail. We love, and we suffer.

oil painting of lovers in Venice
Promises, 18×24″ oil on gilded panel, framed, available

Artist’s life

I’m Russian soul without its country,

I’m an American without the soul.

I know that my youth is gone,

And now I can only remember.

I remember when I was young,

And everything seemed possible.

Every day was there for me to live, and I didn’t care how many days I had.

I’ve been waiting for happiness to arrive,

But only now I understand it was then.

I lived unaware of myself or the world.

It was the time of many hopes,

As I waited for something great to happen.

When I paced the streets of New York, and saw my moving reflection in windows.

I carried canvases and books. I believed in miracles.

I had no clue I was pretty, and

Actions of others made no sense to me.

My reactions were involuntary, and

I had my needs half-met.

I craved love, searched for appreciation.

I lived without clear purpose or direction,

But felt like everything was possible.

I wished to touch and feel

Something that remained unattainable.

I modestly dreamed of success. I wanted to discover a gift.

Nobody understood me, and I cared too much to fit in.

It was then. Aspirations ran high.

And I was falling asleep anxious, waiting for it to happen tomorrow…


Venetian boy oil painting
Venetian boy, 8×10″ oil on panel, framed, available

I remember all the different days when I felt happy…

I remember the days when I felt happy:

Loved, fulfilled, and hopeful.

Waking up to my son’s voice in our two-bedroom apartment,

Driving to college on misty mornings to pursue my degree in art.

Spending weeks in New York City, learning to draw.

High-rises, beggars, museums, police sirens, and commotion on the streets.

The rain and the sun.

I remember colorful fall leaves and Vlad cheerfully plunging into its heaps.

His puffy cheeks and fingers, soft blond hair, curious blue eyes, thin lips smiling back at me…

I remember traveling to places big and small, vast and often overwhelming.

Listening to the silence of the night in ancient Venice.

Breathing in the blue expanse of the mountains and the green depth of forests in America.

Visiting Buddhist temples and climbing hills.

Living above myself, living beyond dreams.

I remember all the different moments when I felt happy.